Covid-19 Sanitation Cleans

In response to the Coronavirus, we have had numerous enquiries from clients about deep cleans to ensure that their premises are clean and safe for staff and visitors when they return.

Manual deep cleans are labour intensive and therefore costly. We are aware that money is tight for many businesses at the moment and so we have invested in specialist fogging machines (as used to sanitise hospitals).

Using a specially developed anti-viral product which kills 99.99% of Coronavirus after just five minutes contact time, these machines enable us to sanitise your whole premises very quickly. The product is food safe and dries fast, leaving your office clean and safe.

If you require regular fogging cleans, contact us for our reduced rates. This is ideal for hotels, bars, restaurants etc.

Check out our short video:

As there is likely to be big demand for this service, contact us today to book in your clean.